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E413 Rachel Liberatore, President & Chief Scientific Officer at RenBio

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Today's guest is Rachel Liberatore, President & Chief Scientific Officer at RenBio in New York. RenBio was founded in 1996 on the principle that the remarkable medical benefits of antibody therapeutics should be available to everyone. RenBio's goal is to deliver antiviral antibodies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and improve the dosing regimen and effectiveness of therapeutic proteins.

Using RenBio’s Make Your Own (MYO) Technology, therapeutic-encoding “bioblueprints” are delivered via modified intramuscular injection, which are then decoded by the muscle cells to produce disease-fighting therapeutics in the patient’s own body. Their vision is to modernize and transform the antibody and therapeutic protein fields to significantly reduce the impact of diseases worldwide.

In the episode, Rachel will discuss:

The work Renbio are doing in the BioTech space,

The role of data and new technology at RenBio,

An insight into the team behind the scences,

How the device works and insights they can gain,

Their work with DARPA’s Pandemic Prevention Platform, and

Upcoming projects and What’s next for RenBio

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