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E412 Kevin Porsolt, Director of Data Operations at Seamless.AI

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Today's guest is Kevin Porsolt, Director of Data Operations at Seamless.AI. Founded in 2018, Seamless.AI helps professionals in the world create new relationships, opportunities and revenue, faster than ever before. Seamless.AI’s search engine helps you connect directly with your ideal customers so you can build pipeline, shorten your sales cycle and close more deals at scale. Over 30,000 companies leverage their real-time people search engine to build a massive list of decision-makers and grow their business.

Kevin has over ten years of success working with cross-functional teams leveraging technology to solve problems and achieve results. He has experience in FinTech, AdTech and Sales Intelligence industries building and managing PaaS, SaaS and API/Data License solutions. Kevin is also fluent in data engineering, technical operations, UI/UX, data integrations/partnerships, machine learning, and security & compliance for hybrid and cloud-based infrastructures.

In the episode, Kevin will chat about:

The interesting work he does with,

Challenges of working with data to gain valuable insights,

The role of AI and Machine Learning in their product,

Plans for growing the team,

Benefits that is bringing to users and

Why is a great place to work

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