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E411 Damien Thioulouse, Head of Machine Learning and AI at Simplr

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Today's guest is Damien Thioulouse, Head of Machine Learning & AI at Simplr. Founded in 2017, Simplr offers companies a human-first, machine-enabled customer experience solution that meets the demands of the NOW Customer across all digital channels. Offering a combination of a uniquely talented, flexible & scalable staffing pool, AI-based technology, and actionable intelligence, Simplr allows companies to immediately expand their customer service capacity and engage customers with speed, empathy, and precision.

Damien leads the AI and Machine Learning across all domains at Simplr. They are developing highly scalable solutions at the forefront of NLP and building highly specialized proprietary models tailored to customer service. He is responsible for growing a top notch team by identifying, sourcing and recruiting talents, creating strong ties with leading universities in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as mentoring new teammates and students.

In the episode, Damien will chat about:

How Simplr is impacting the customer experience,

His role and responsibilities at Simplr,

The impact that Simplr brings to their partners,

An insight into the AI & ML team,

Future growth and what’s next for the company and

Why Simplr is a great place to work

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