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E400 Ray Zhou, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Affinity

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Today's guest is Ray Zhou, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Affinity in San Francisco. Founded in 2014, Affinity’s patented technology structures and analyzes millions of data points across emails, calendars and third-party sources to offer users the tools they need to automatically manage their most valuable relationships, prioritize important connections, and discover untapped opportunities.

Affinity uses AI to analyze relationship strength and illuminate the best paths to warm introductions. The platform also offers a holistic view of users’ networks in a centralized, automatically updated database without any manual upkeep. Affinity's customers range from venture capital firms, private equity firms investment bankers, insurers, financial services firms, real estate companies and more.

In the episode, Ray will chat about:

His background and journey to co-founding Affinity,

An insight into their relationship intelligence platform,

The problems they were looking to solve using AI and Analytics,

The working culture and day-to-day life at Affinity, abd

How they attract top talent to the company

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