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E398 Olya Caliujnaia, Co-Founder and CEO at Sanlo

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Today's guest is Olya Caliujnaia, Co-Founder and CEO at Sanlo in San Francisco, CA. Working together with creative and ambitious minds, Sanlo is on a mission to provide gaming and app developers with financing and financial insights. While growing a business comes with challenges, Sanlo believe finances shouldn’t hold you back. Developers with great products should have access to financing and advice to ship and scale amazing products: that’s where Sanlo come in.

In the episode, Olya will chat about:

Sanlo’s work in financing for gaming & app developers,

An insight into the team driving their success,

Use cases of the benefits they bring to customers,

Upcoming projects & what’s in store at Sanlo, and

Plans for growth and their exciting future

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