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E396 Michael Eberle, VP of Computational Biology at PacBio

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Today's guest is Michael Eberle, VP of Computational Biology at PacBio in California. Founded in 2004, PacBio have created the world’s most advanced sequencing systems to provide you the most complete and accurate view of genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes. They are passionate about developing products that empower scientists to explore the full spectrum of genetic variation in any organism, from unraveling the mystery of rare diseases to improving the world’s food supply.

Michael joined PacBio in February 2022 and is responsible for leading a team that is combining data science and population genetics methods to develop novel variant calling methods for researchers using HiFi sequence data. They are prioritizing methods that elucidate the genetic variations in the difficult regions of the genome with a focus on identifying the genetic cause of patients with rare and undiagnosed genetic diseases.

In the episode, Michael will chat about:

The interesting work they do in genetic sequencing,

Applying AI and Data within Computational Biology,

Common challenges they need to overcome,

An insight into the AI team and plans for growth, and

Why PacBio is a great place to work

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