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Against All Oddities

Against All Oddities

The Podcast about three brothers coming to terms with the oddly true or the truthfully odd.

35 Episodes

  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 35 - Halloween 2021


    Well, It’s that spooky time of year again and although we here at Against All Oddities celebrate halloween all year long, we appreciate the importance this season may have for all of you muggles out there who only dress up as wizards and ghouls once a year. This year we aim to honor and celebrate Samhain by telling some spooky stories and by dropping some death bombs (more on that later). So stick around while we talk about black eyed children, haunted Richmond, death by turnips, and so much more. When you are ready simply lift the veil, pass the guardian at the threshold, and follow us a little further down the rabbit hole.
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 34: Stargate (1978-1995)


    On this episode we talk about project Stargate [no not the 1994 classic sci-fi adventure starring Kurt Russell and James spader...tho we do recommend you watch that….] the secret, now defunct, CIA program. This program was de-classified in 1995 after 17 years of doing some really interesting experiments with remote viewing and physic espionage. We talk about all sorts of things related to these topics, Tim reads our favorite remote viewing account from the Stargate project and Chris shows off his astral projection abilities in real time. So please; swallow the rest of your entheogen, climb into your sensory deprivation tank, and crank up the volume because this is against all oddities.
  • Against All Oddities podcast

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  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 33: Time


    Welcome to against all oddities. The podcast about three brothers coming to terms with the oddly true and the truthfully odd. Today’s episode focuses on the oddity that is the experience and perception of time. Be warned that this episode of against all oddities is a little bit different than normal and may very well blow your mind. As a way to illustrate the enigmatic nature of time we decided to break the fourth wall of podcasting by recording our conversation in the past, present and future. So the first part of the episode Tim and Nate converse about the nature of time along with a future version of Chris who inserted himself back in time with Nate and Tim. The second half of the podcast all three brothers engage in conversation about time simultaneously. This episode is also available on our YouTube channel, so if your brain can’t handle the complexities of time theories via our podcast then you can try watching our discussion and it may make more sense, and if it still doesn’t then “Don’t try to understand it”
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 32: Stephen King


    Today’s episode will focus on Stephen King. However, we here at the Against all oddities mega-corporation are not your average Steven king fanboys. So join us for a discussion that includes references to the Dark Tower series, Carrie, Creep show, Cat’s Eye, The Shining, Cujo, The long Walk and Talisman, but stay for our unique and mystical insight into, The early works of John Bellairs, H.P. Lovecraft, The Multiverse and fear itself.
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 31: Teeth


    Today we’ll be talking about teeth, those odd little pointing things that we store in our mouths…well most of us anyways. We also tell a sad cat story and discuss the benefits of punching one’s younger brother in the face during childhood. This episode is our 31 episode and is episode 1 of season 4. We classify everything as season 1, however secretly this is our 4th season and to celebrate we have posted the video version of this podcast on our site. So for our super fans out there you can now watch the podcast as well as listen to it. Find out more at
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 30: U.A.P.


    The theme of todays episode is unexplained aerial phenomena and it’s a doozy! We cover everything from U.A.P.s and U.S.O.s to Chaos Magick and Robert Vince. 
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 29: Ice Breakers


    Today we will be splashing headfirst  into the concept of icebreakers. We’re not sure what the bigger oddity, the complexities of human social interaction, or the fact that all three Carroll brothers are master icebreakers.
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 28: Taxidermy


    On this episode the brothers talk about the oddity that is human beings desperately trying to transmute their fear of death by preserving and posing the bodies of dead animals, a.k.a, taxidermy. Be warned we do talk about some slightly graphic things in this episode so listener discretion, is advised. This is Against all Oddities.
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 27: Commercials


    Today on Against All Oddities we’re talking about the oddity that is modern advertising. Coincidentally, our budgetary overlords over at Dorftrottel Innovations is threatening to pull all of our funding if we don’t ramp up production on new advertising for Dorftrottel Paranormal insurance. So in order to both appease and mock those fascists wizards at Dorftrottel, we’re inviting you, the listener, behind the scenes as we "flesh" out some new advertising ideas as well as talk about the insanity that is contemporary marketing.
  • Against All Oddities podcast

    Episode 26: Bad Samaritan


    The subject of today’s episode is Bad Samaritan and we’ll be talking with chef, author, former Richmond native, and current New Orleans based samaritan, Dan Mills.  And for all you squares and bean counters out there who don’t think today’s subject is an actual oddity, well then I have news for you, everything is an oddity, there are only shades of grey, the rivers are dark, the ocean is deep, and the cosmos infinite.

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