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'Adventures in Local Marketing' is the only podcast that tells the stories from the front line of local marketing. BrightLocal's Head of Marketing, Kristian Bannister chats to industry experts and marketers who are living local marketing day in, day out—the people pushing it further and in new directions. Get inspired by their journeys, uncover new ways of thinking, and deepen your strategic knowledge. No fluff. No unjustified hype. No gimmicks or 'flash in the pan' tactics. Just great conversations with the brightest minds in local marketing. A BrightLocal Podcast.

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  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Levi Williams-Clucas on Building Trust Signals Within Google My Business


    Is your Google My Business listing sending out strong trust signals?That’s the question Levi Williams-Clucas, SEO Specialist at StrategiQ, aims to answer in this episode of Adventures in Local Marketing.Levi views trust signals as a double-header. There are the trust signals your GMB listing gives out to potential customers – would someone buy from your business?And, there are the trust signals it sends out to Google – does your business seem legitimate and worthy of ranking?Listen to learn:Which Google My Business features send out trust signalsWhat negatively impacts trust within GMBHow to optimize your website to strengthen trust signalsThe top 5 tactics that help you build and maintain trust signalsResources: Read Levi’s in-depth explainer on How to Get the Most Out of Google My Business Q&ACheck out the amazing Women in Tech SEO community
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Colan Nielsen on Building Your Unique Local SEO Playbook


    On this episode, we chatted with Colan Nielsen about how to build an effective, and importantly, unique local SEO playbook.Colan is VP of Local Search at Sterling Sky, and we tapped into his 11+ years of experience to find out the best ways to develop your own playbook.As you’ll learn, a playbook goes way beyond a simple checklist of actions to take. Your playbook should not only define how you go about local SEO, but also what steps you take to communicate with clients and uncover new tactics.Listen to learn:The big benefits of having a playbookThe pitfalls to avoid when using a playbookHow to use your playbook through the first year of working with a clientHow to continue to expand and sharpen your playbookResources:Sterling Sky regularly publishes results of their tests on their blog, so be sure to give it a bookmark to keep up to date on local SEO tactics that do and don’t work.Check out Colan’s book recommendation: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill   
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

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  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Jordan Choo on How to Land Bigger Clients


    Many agencies aspire to move upmarket and work with bigger clients – and for good reason. Bigger clients lead to larger retainers, better budgets, and impressive client logos to show off to prospects.But what exactly does  moving upmarket look like? And is working with big clients all it’s cracked up to be?That’s what I wanted to find out from Jordan Choo, Managing Partner of Kogneta – a digital marketing agency for franchises and multi-location businesses.In this episode, Jordan shares his experiences of moving his agency upmarket and the possibilities and perils that this presents.Listen to learn:The big differences between working with large and small clients The problems multi-location businesses are looking to solveWhat challenges agencies may face going upmarket and how to overcome themHow to successfully pitch bigger clientsWhether moving upmarket is right for every agencyResources:Want to learn more about effective marketing strategies for franchises? Then be sure to listen and subscribe to Jordan’s podcast: The Franchise Marketing Podcast.
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Niki Mosier on Google-proofing your Page Experience


    We’re only a few weeks away from the rollout of Google’s Page Experience update and, while we don’t yet know what impact it will have on rankings, it’s undoubtedly something that needs to be on the radar of every SEO.As this is arguably the biggest change to Google’s algorithm we’ve seen in recent years, we enlisted technical SEO virtuoso, Niki Mosier, to get her expert opinion on everything worth knowing about the update.Listen to learn:What Core Web Vitals are and the role they play in this updateThe benchmarks you need to hit to stay on the right side of the updateWhich tools can help you detect issues on your siteGoogle’s motivation behind the update and what might come nextResourcesWant to check if your site is protected against the Page Experience Update?These tools and resources (as recommended by Niki) will help you identify and resolve any Core Web Vitals issues:How to audit Core Web Vitals with Screaming FrogSitebulbGoogle’s PageSpeed InsightsLighthouse for Google Chromethruuu, an Awesome SERP AnalyzerGoogle Page Experience Audit Checklist and Template by Seosly
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Claire Carlile on Setting Your Agency up for Success From Day One


    What’s one topic that comes up time and time again in local SEO?How to launch and maintain a successful agency.It’s something we get asked about a lot, and so we enlisted the help of Claire Carlile. Claire’s got 12 years of managing her own boutique agency under her belt, so you’ll be sure to take away some game-changing tips.Listen to learn how to:Avoid common mistakes when starting outDetermine if you need a nicheNail your positioningStart getting leads when nobody’s heard of youIf you’re at the start of your journey or further down the path, you’re going to learn a lot from Claire in this episode.Links:Enroll on Claire's course: How to Land Your First Local SEO ClientSee the complete picture of local rankings with Local Search Grid
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Lily Ray on Navigating SEO in 2021


    ‘Adventures in Local Marketing’ is back with a bang for 2021! In our first episode of the year, we're joined by yet another expert guest to take stock of SEO in 2020, and to look ahead to 2021. Our guest on this episode is seasoned SEO pro and keynote speaker, Lily Ray. Lily draws from first-hand experience of working with a wide range of clients and her in-depth analysis on 2020’s biggest winners and losers in search, to help us understand where SEO goes from here.Listen to learn:How Covid-19 impacted SEO in 2020 How to incorporate E-A-T into your strategyHow you should be preparing for Google's Page Experience UpdateWhy you need to be cut-throat with content in 2021Resources:Take a deep dive into Lily’s analysis of 1,000+ Winners and Losers of the December 2020 Google Core Algorithm UpdateWatch Lily discuss Google E-A-T Implementation & Authority Signals on Search Engine Journal Live
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Carrie Hill on Creating Kick-ass Local Content


    There’s no doubt content is key to both ranking high in local search and generating more leads, but there’s a lot of mixed messages about the best ways to approach this. And often what ranks and what converts can be very different beasts.Luckily, we’ve enlisted Sterling Sky’s content creating champion Carrie Hill to get answers to questions such as should local businesses be blogging regularly? What kind of content converts? And what do you do if great content isn’t ranking?On this episode, Carrie reveals her secrets to make the words (and leads!) flow.Listen to learn:How to do effective content researchHow to ensure content doesn’t just rank, but also convertsThe mistakes to avoid when creating contentThe methods Carrie uses to make writing much easier
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Cindy Krum on Building a Mobile-first, Future-proof SEO Strategy


    In this episode, we talked to mobile SEO expert Cindy Krum about Google’s latest developments and how this is impacting SEO. Learn why you can’t afford to sleep on mobile-first indexing, the best opportunities to claim more search visibility, and how to future-proof your SEO strategy.Cindy is one of the leading experts in mobile SEO, but her knowledge doesn’t end there. In this episode, we covered:Why marketers can’t afford to sleep on mobile-first indexingHow Passage-based ranking will impact how we create contentThe best opportunities to claim more real estate in SERPs (spoiler: it’s not blue links)How to start future-proofing your SEO strategy todayResources:We covered A LOT of topics on this episode, so here’s some more content to feast on.Want to go deep on Entity Understanding and Mobile-First Crawling? Then Cindy has a five part series that covers pretty much everything. Start with part one.Watch Cindy’s webinar on Mobile-First Indexing and The Story Your Data Isn’t Telling You.Get the full lowdown on Passage-based ranking.Learn how mobile-first indexing impacted local businesses when it first rolled out. 
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Ben Fisher on Finding Competitive Advantages in Google My Business


    On this month’s episode of ‘Adventures in Local Marketing’, we spoke with Ben Fisher of Steady Demand. Ben is one of only two officially-recognized Platinum Product Experts of Google My Business, so this was an amazing opportunity to find out:What the basics you have to get right in Google My Business areThe ongoing activities every marketer should be performingBen’s tips to give you a competitive advantageBen also shared his backstory in SEO, which dates back to 1994 – four years before Google was even founded! With no playbooks to follow at the time, Ben explains how experimentation was key to success back then and how it still rings true today.Finally, we dived into Darren Shaw’s recently revealed Local Search Ranking Factors Survey (of which Ben was a participant), to find out Ben’s reaction to the findings and his biggest takeaways. Resources:Local Search Ranking Factors 2020: What Affects Local Rankings?
  • Adventures in Local Marketing podcast

    Dana DiTomaso on Learning to Love Reporting


    Do you consider reporting a chore? Do you frantically scramble to pull all your data together at the end of the month?And does your reporting ultimately lead to more questions than answers?If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then this is the episode of 'Adventures in Local Marketing' for you.Dana DiTomaso believes reporting doesn’t have to be so soul destroying! On this episode, we talked to Dana to learn:Why marketers have a bad relationship with reportingWhat you can do to change that relationshipThe common mistakes marketers make when reportingWhy reporting less is always moreResources: Here’s the Goal Charter post Dana mentions in the episode

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