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Sage Steele on Scripted Biden Interview & Mandates + Jason “Mayhem” Miller on Prison & Rehab

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Sage Steele joins the show and talks about her 2021 Biden interview which she says was scripted and disallowed follow up questions. The gang also addresses her viral mixup of Dana White and Joe Rogan and gives some background to her and Dana’s relationship. The group also recaps her initial appearance on Jay Cutler’s podcast which put her in the spotlight for disagreeing with ESPN’s vaccine mandates. Adam also gets Sage’s take on the Spanish soccer chief who was fired after the World Cup celebration. Chris reports the news on the city of Mineeapolis settling with a witness to the George Floyd murder before Adam complains about another news report he saw on TV. Next, Jason “Mayhem” Miller joins and recounts his start into MMA and how he has turned his life around. The guys also talk about the problem with the prison system before the guys give their side on the last time they interacted. Jason also talks about going to rehab before the guys chat about UFC. For more with Sage Steele: ● PODCAST: “The Sage Steele Show” ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @SageSteele For more with Jason “Mayhem” Miller: ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @MayhemMiller Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp

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