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Rene Vaca on Manifesting & Bridge Collapse + Bradley Tusk on Flying Cars & Political Strategy

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Comedian Rene Vaca expresses his love for the San Fernando Valley. He and Adam compare various supermarkets and Rene talks about manifesting his career and life goals. Next, Rene talks about his father currently serving a 40-year prison sentence. Next, Chris reports news stories about a Baltimore bridge collapsing after a ship collision, a new NFL kickoff rule, an awards gala canceled because Elon Musk was a recipient, a squatting crisis, and Florida banning social media for kids. Lastly, author and political strategist Bradley Tusk joins the show and talks about the idea of flying cars. The guys also talk about Kara Swisher and Bradley gives insights into the motives of politicians. Adam and Bradley also take a deep dive into current politics, tech, and entertainment. For more with Rene Vaca: ● LIVE DATES: ○ Sacramento, CA - PUNCH LINE SACRAMENTO - April 11-13 ○ Philadelphia, PA - PUNCH LINE PHILLY - April 16-17 ○ New Brunswick, NJ - STRESS FACTORY - April 18 ● More dates visit ● INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @ReneVacaComedy For more with Bradley Tusk: ● ‘Obvious in Hindsight’ is available wherever you find books ● Find Bradley on Substack and LinkedIn Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● The Jordan Harbinger Show - Available everywhere you listen to podcasts ● ●, use code: ACE

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