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Phil Heath on Jersey Swaps & Delayed Gratification + Chris Hansen on Diddy House Raid + Mar-a-Lago

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Seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath joins the show to talk about his focused training regimen. He and Adam also talk about the importance of honing skills before Phil recalls some of the sacrifices he’s made during his Mr. Olympia training. Phil also shares a frustrating experience he had at Birmingham Airport. Next, Chris Hansen joins the show and Adam recounts his recent trip to Mar-a-Lago where he ran into Donald Trump. The guys then have a conversation about carry-on luggage and TSA profiling. The guys then chat about a few news stories including Diddy’s houses being raided in connection to a sex trafficking investigation, the Quiet on the Set Nickelodeon docuseries, and Kate Middleton revealing her cancer diagnosis. For more with Phi Heath: ● His new documentary, Breaking Olympia:The Phil Heath Story, is available now on digital platforms including Amazon ● INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @PhilHeath For more with Chris Hansen: ● ‘True Crime Nation with Chris Hansen’ is streaming on TruBlu Streaming Network ○ TruBlu also features ‘Takedown’ - a show updating ‘To Catch a Predator’ ● PODCAST: ‘Predators I’ve Caught with Chris Hansen’ ● YOUTUBE & TWITTER: @ChrisHansen Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ●, use code: ACE ●, enter code: Adam ● and use code ADAM

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