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Part 1: Jay Leno’s Accident + Joel Stein (ACS November 15)

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Gina shares her experience completing the ‘12-hour walk’ before Adam gets into his love/hate relationship with Duran Duran and his friend Jay Leno being hospitalized after a car fire. Author and journalist, Joel Stein, joins the show and talks about his new podcast, ‘Story of the Week’, where he chooses an obscure article that fascinates him and has the writer tell him more about it. Joel remembers meeting Adam when he was covering ‘The Man Show’ for TIME Magazine and being in on the infamous Dixie Chicks prank. PLUGS: Check out Joel Stein’s podcast, ‘Story of the Week with Joel Stein’ To learn more about Joel, visit And follow him on Twitter, @TheJoelStein Watch Jeff Dunham’s special, ‘Me The People’ premiering November 25th on Comedy Central To see Jeff Dunham on his ‘Still Not Canceled’ tour visit for details And follow Jeff on Twitter, @JeffDunham THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY’S SPONSORS: enter ADAM The Jordan Harbinger Show

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