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Part 1: Dave Dameshek + Liked Tweets (ACS September 19)

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The gang looks at some of Adam’s liked tweets including a crow drinking water from a bottle and Oberlin College paying $36.6 million to a bakery they labeled 'racist'. They take a deep dive into what happened to Chongo from ‘Danger Island’ before welcoming Dave Dameshek to the show. Dave talks about getting kicked out of his fantasy football league by Jon Hamm in pure defiance of a legal contract and reviews some highlights from the Chargers Chiefs game. PLUGS: Check out Dave Dameshek’s new trivia show, ‘Mister Lister’, Tuesday Nights at 7pm eastern on Spotify Live Check out his podcasts ‘Extra Points with Cousin Sal & Dave Dameshek’ and ‘Minus Three’ available wherever you listen to podcasts And check him out on Twitter, @Dameshek THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY’S SPONSORS:

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