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Montel Williams on Cannabis, PTSD, and Skilled Labor

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Montel Williams meets up with Adam in Florida for a special 1-on-1 interview. They chat about Montel’s history on daytime TV and his extensive military background. Montel also discusses how the use of cannabis has helped him as he recalls being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. The two also talk about various FDA and pharmaceutical regulations. Montel then chats about briefly dating Kamala Harris before the guys dive deeper into discussions about technology, PTSD, and what the government can do to help veterans. For more with Montel Williams: ● PODCAST: “Let's Be Blunt with Montel” ○ Available on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts ● “Military Makeover” is available to watch on Lifetime ● INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @Montel_Williams Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● or Dial #LAW (#529) ● ●, use CAROLLA at check for 15% off

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