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Marsha Warfield on Night Court & Returning to Hollywood + Noa Tishby on Antisemitism and Universities

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Marsha Warfield shares her unique journey to comedy and Hollywood. She shares stories about opening for George Carlin and The O’Jays and talks about her choice to leave showbusiness for 2 decades. Marsha also chats about the relationship between her and her mother, most notably regarding her comedy career and sexual orientation. Next, Chris shares news stories about two men charged with the Kansas City parade shooting, Elon Musk’s brainchip able to control a computer mouse, Alabama declaring frozen embryos and fertilized eggs as children, a college student lawyering up against Taylor Swift, and a plane traveling over 800 mph with the help of strong tailwinds. Lasly, Noa Tishby returns to the show and previews her upcoming book with Emmanuel Acho. They talk about the effects on America after the October 7th attack and Adam shares an analogy comparing racism to antisemitism. The two also complain about college universities and The Squad. For more with Marsha Warfield: ● See her at Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles on May 06 ● For more with Noa Tishby: ● Preorder her book, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Jew, now! ● ● Follow on X and Instagram: @NoaTishby Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● The Jordan Harbinger Show - Available everywhere you listen to podcasts ● or Dial #LAW (#529) ● ●, use CAROLLA at check for 15% off

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