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Joe Praino on Grifters & Fire Hydrants

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Comedian Joe Praino sits in as Adam previews his kids’ high school graduation. He recalls stories from his own high school graduation and gives an impromptu commencement speech for today’s graduates. They also chat about people’s lack of spatial awareness before chatting about an article on sleep disparities between races. Adam also takes issue with somebody online calling him a grifter. Chris reports news stories on fire hydrants being stolen throughout LA, a Wisconsin father interrupting his child’s graduation and igniting a race debate, Dr. Pepper being named the #2 soda in the country, and planters blocking RVs near LA Home Depot removed. For more with Joe Praino: ● LVE DATES: ○ Eugene, OR - Olsen Run Comedy Club - July 11 ○ Poughkeepsie, NY - Laugh It Up - July 19 ○ Yonkers, NY - Yonkers Comedy Club - July 26-28 ● ● PODCAST: Dirty Sports ● INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK: @joepraino ● TWITTER: @FixYourLife Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● or Dial #LAW (#529) ● ● ●

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