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Joe Gatto on Impractical Jokers, Maternal Instinct, and a $51m Ferrari

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Joe Gatto joins the show and recalls some funny Impractical Jokers’ moments that never made it to air because they couldn’t get a talent release. He and Adam then share some of the ways they would convince people to sign after revealing they were on a hidden camera TV show. Adam then talks about a recent Ferrari that sold for auction for almost $52 million and the guys talk about what they plan on leaving their children after they pass. The guys also discuss the psychology behind people who use drink coasters, turn signals, and the middle urinal. Lastly, Chris shares some parenting news stories about the maternal instinct being a myth, if college still matters, and an Italian mother winning a court case to evict her sons in their 40s. For more with Joe Gatto: Subscribe to this podcast Two Cool Moms Thank you for supporting our sponsors: or Dial #LAW (#529) The Jordan Harbinger Show - Available everywhere you listen to podcasts

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