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Jodi Miller + Jason Flom (ACS January 27)

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Comedian Jodi Miller joins Adam as he explains to her the “yummy phase” of life and the two look at a physician who claims obesity can't be treated with diet and exercise. Social activist and founder of the ‘Lava For Good’ network, Jason Flom joins them to talk about the new podcast he’s producing, ‘The War on Drugs’. They get into the history of wrongful convictions in the US, the death penalty, and where the war on drugs went wrong. PLUGS: Check your local TV listings to watch Jodi Miller’s ‘The World’s Funniest Weather’ and ‘Funny You Should Ask’ Visit Jodi’s website, Jodi And follow Jodi on Twitter and Instagram, @JodiMillerComic Listen to Jason Flom’s new podcast ‘The War on Drugs’ with new episodes every Wednesday wherever you find podcasts And check out all of the other Lava For Good shows at THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY’S SPONSORS: Enter code: ADAM

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