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Jodi Miller & Ali Siddiq on Wingmen and Truckers + Zoltan Kaszas on Clean Comedy & Cat Jokes

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Ali Siddiq and Jodi Miller sit in for a conversation about Mother’s Day and truck drivers. Ali talks about giving his mom a house and Jodi recalls a funny story at a movie theater. Adam then tells a few recent Mike August stories and the three chat about crazy people at airports. Jodi shares a theory about carry-on luggage before the three chat about blind dates and what makes a good wingman. Next, Zoltan Kaszas sits in and talks about performing clean comedy and how his viral cat jokes have led to ticket sales. Adam expresses how he would like to create a clean comedy set and Jodi recalls having to shape her jokes for America’s Got Talent. The group also discusses bringing back the mystery in celebrity lives and why Hungarian food is the best. For more with Jodi Miller: ● “Decades in The Making” premieres on YouTube May 12 ● TV SHOW: ‘The World’s Funniest Weather’ ○ Check your local TV listings ● TV SHOW: ‘Funny You Should Ask’ ○ Check your local TV listings ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @JodiMillerComic For more with Ali Siddiquest: ● “The Domino Effect: Part 3” premieres on YouTube May 12 ● ● INSTAGRAM: @AliSiddiq For more with Zoltan Kaszas: ● "Honorary Jones” premieres on YouTube June 16 ● ● INSTAGRAM, TIK TOK & FACEBOOK: @ ZoltanComedy Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● ● ●, use CAROLLA at check for 15% off ● ●

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