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Jim Breuer on TDS & Hunter Agrees to Testify + Senator Ted Cruz on Cultural Marxism in Tech & Journalism

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Comedian Jim Breuer joins the show to chat about Trump Derangement Syndrome and people’s reactions over his refusal to play vaccine-mandated venues. He and Adam laugh about their initial suspicions with society during the pandemic and predict the death of legacy news media. Next, Senator Ted Cruz talks about the woke assault on various American departments and gives his prediction for the 2024 Democratic presidential candidate. Lastly, Chris reports the news on Hunter Biden agreeing to testify publicly, Sports Illustrated accused of using AI to write articles, a Deadspin author upset over a young Chiefs fan’s face makeup, and a Miami woman stabbing her boyfriend in the eye with a rabies needle. For more with Jim Breuer: ? His new special, Country Boy Will Survive by Jim Breuer, is available on YouTube and Rumble ? http;// For more with Senator Ted Cruz: ? Get his new book, Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America, available now Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ? ?

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