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Jessimae Peluso + Ranchera Music App (ACS January 18)

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Comedian Jessimae Peluso comes back for the second day in a row and talks to Adam about Tom Brady rumors, the unsolved murder of Joe Cole, and terrible messaging in commercials. The two take a look at some famous award acceptance speeches using their Ranchera “Wrap It Up” music and Adam pitches a new idea for an app. PLUGS: Listen to Jessimae Peluso’s podcast, ‘Sharp Tongue’ wherever you listen to podcasts See Jessimae Peluso live: Omaha, NE - Omaha Funny Bone - February 3rd and 4th La Jolla, CA - The Comedy Store - Valentines Day And for more dates visit: Follow Jessimae on Twitter and Instagram @JessimaePeluso Learn more about Calley Means’ company and mission at Look out for Calley Means’ new book, ‘Good Energy’ available soon wherever you find books And follow Calley on Twitter and Instagram, @CalleyMeans THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY’S SPONSORS: This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp

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