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Jason Whitlock Asks Men to Stop Apologizing + Derek Bieri on Vice Grip Garage and Budget Builds

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Adam is in Nashville and talks to Jason Whitlock about the power of Nike and China’s influence on the NBA. Jason thinks men should stop apologizing and considers the BLM movement to be a sex issue rather than a race issue. The guys also talk about gratitude, religion, and living in Nashville. Lastly, Jason explains why he thinks Michelle Obama will be a presidential candidate in the next election. Adam then meets up with Derek Bieri from Vice Grip Garage. The guys chat in a parking lot outside as they look at one of Derek’s restorations- a 1981 GMC shop truck. Derek shares his history working on cars and the guys talk about the evolution of trucks, all the way to the Tesla Cybertruck. Derek talks about racing a Crown Vic and why he prefers to find old cars and give them new life. For more with Jason Whitlock: Check out his podcast, Fearless with Jason Whitlock Follow him on X @WhitlockJason For more with Derek Bieri: Get his show, In The Aisles, on YouTube or wherever podcasts are found Subscribe to Vice Grip Garage on YouTube Thank you for supporting our sponsor:

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