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Greg Fitzsimmons on KISS Makeup and Plane Bathrooms + Mike Massimino on Space Shuttles and NASA

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Greg Fitzsimmons talks about airplane bathrooms and the band KISS. The guys then share their thoughts on hologram concerts before Adam plays a couple of viral videos he saw online. Next, Adam goes over a few of his favorite karaoke songs. Chris reports the news on a YouTuber going to federal prison over a plane stunt and a Norwegian death diver breaking the world record. Next, author and former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino recalls his time in space and shares some insight into a couple of Adam’s favorite space movies. The guys talk about privatization of space travel, shuttle bathroom use, and astronaut suit ventilation. Mike also provides some insight to space trash and mining. For more with Greg Fitzsimmons: ? See him live ? Hyenas in Ft Worth, Dec 15-16 ? Den Theatre in Chicago, Jan 13 ? Atlanta Punchline, Jan 18-20 ? Follow him on Instagram @gregfitzsimmons For more with Mike Massimino: ? His new book, Moonshot, is available now! ? Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ? ? ? & use promo code ADAM ?, enter code: Adam ?

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