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Dave Smith on Libertarianism and America as an Empire

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Adam hangs with comedian and host of ‘Legion of Skanks’, Dave Smith in Dr. Drew’s New York City apartment. They talk about how life will make you less funny if you let it beat you down which leads to a discussion about red collar beat downs versus blue collar beat downs. Dave explains the reason he is a libertarian before they get into school choice, the difficulties of trying to have a rational debate with people who say nothing substantial, and how you have to overcome feeling sorry for yourself in order to be successful. Next, Dave shares his thoughts on how America really is an empire and Adam laments about the federal government being forced to come down on citizens to create a political talking point. Finally, Adam shares his take on the John Cusack film ‘2012’ and why politicians should be held accountable when they get things wrong. PLUGS: Get your Pay Per View tickets to "Adam Carolla & Friends" on Sunday June 4th with Brad Williams and Kimbles Hume at For Dave Smith’s live dates visit, Check out ‘Part of the Problem’ and ‘Legion of Skanks’ wherever you listen to podcasts THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY’S SPONSORS: The Jordan Harbinger Show

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