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Comedian Brad Williams Talks Controversial New ‘Snow White’ Film + Good Samaritan David Fishwick Clashes with Big Banks + News About a Kooky Alabama Pontoon Brawl

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Adam welcomes back notable comedian Brad Williams for a wild ride with stories about wives punching men in their sleep, ayahuasca imaginings, and Adam with a hilarious dating story from his youth. They volley various amusing stories about people who never take responsibility, and we learn about a time that Adam had to wear a helmet to and from his office because of a maniacal bird. Next, Chris introduces the news with a story that’s relevant to Brad and his sentiments concerning an unveiling of the new ‘Snow White’ movie and how it ditched using dwarves for their film. Chris then shows an animated video of a brawl in Alabama involving men from a pontoon boat and a security guard, as well as a young teen who jumps to the rescue. To finish the show, Adam welcomes visionary and good samaritan Dave Fishwick who, is not only a self made millionaire, but had a Netflix movie made about him and his story. He created a community bank to assist people in his community and gave loans to businesses who were struggling to get help from conventional banks. Dave says, ‘People who rob people go to prison, banks who rob people get bonuses’. PLUGS: See Brad Williams live: Hoover, AL - StarDome Comedy Club - August 22nd Sioux City, IA - Sioux City Orpheum - September 14th Orlando, FL - Improv - September 28th And find more dates at Follow Brad on Twitter, @FunnyBrad And follow Brad on Instagram, @BradWilliamsComic Watch the movie of Dave Fishwick’s life story in ‘Bank of Dave’ in theaters August 25th And learn more at THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY’S SPONSORS: enter ADAM The Jordan Harbinger Show Call Lear Capital at 1-800-489-6450, and let them know we sent you

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