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Comedian Ami Kozak on Word Salad & Musk Suing Media Matters + Pierre Rehov on Middle East Conflict

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Comedian and musician Ami Kozak talks about his recent appearance on Candace Owens’ show debating Israeli issues. Adam then presents a point about the various media companies on the right and plays a poignant clip from his most recent interview with Tucker Carlson. The guys then talk about various politicians circle-talking their way around issues and Adam presents a theory as to why Adam Driver is a big movie star. Chris then reports some news stories on Elon Musk suing Media Matters, comedian Matt Rife handling the backlash for a domestic abuse joke, and a new study saying 40% of Americans are afraid to walk alone at night. The guys also watch a classic viral video of an aunt yelling at her niece for trying a new mac & cheese recipe. Lastly, French-Israeli reporter Pierre Rehov videos in from Israel to chat about the country’s social climate and the disappointment stemming from today’s youth taking a Pro-Palestinian stance. For more with Ami Kozak: Subscribe to this podcast, Ami’s House Follow him on X @AmiKozak For more with Pierre Rehov: Thank you for supporting our sponsors: & use promo code ADAM and use code ADAM

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