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Chris Wylde + Adam vs Newsom Part2

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Actor & podcaster Chris Wylde makes his first appearance on the show and they open by talking about Adam’s busy trip to New York, including his most recent run-in with Gavin Newsom, sharing a panel with Stephen A. Smith and, of course, the trials and tribulations of traveling with Mike August. Next, they discuss the 2024 elections first presidential debate, what it was like being in New York City during the Pride Parade and they take a look at Adam’s childhood home on Zillow. Lastly, Joe Praino delivers the news including stories about a 7 foot 3 teenage Chinese basketball star, the trend of people “rawdogging” flights and Gen Z’s relationship with their parents. For more with Chris Wylde: PODCAST - ClipCast INSTAGRAM/TWITTER - @ClipCast Thank you for supporting our sponsors: This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp

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