A Thing Of Beauty podcast

A Thing Of Beauty

Izzy Sapien

The most glamorous industry in the world has an ugly past. As much as the beauty world is centered around the external, most of the true excitement lies underneath. Join host, Izzy Sapien, as she spills the tea on the brands you love, the brands you love to hate, and the people who built them. Tune in Tuesdays as we journey deeper into the heart of new and exciting brands on a mission to make beauty a better place. A seasoned brand builder in the elusive beauty industry, Izzy has been behind the scenes building today’s most beloved beauty and wellness brands for over ten years. This podcast highlights her tumultuous love affair with one of the most sordid and glamorous industries in America and the brands and products that have shaped our modern view of beauty. She will share notorious scandals, trends, product insights, reviews, and of course how she and her industry peers are building better beauty. This podcast will highlight the beauty and wellness brands, influencers, and trailblazers of tomorrow while they embark on an episodic search to strip the face of the beauty industry bare. Sounds like we're doing too much? Call it the Jake Paul of beauty podcasts. Listen in each week for interviews from experts, professionals, and influencers in makeup, skincare, wellness, and more along with solo episodes on new launches and industry BTS. This well-intentioned “tell-all” podcast is not a cancel culture reboot but aims to create a bridge from beauty’s ugly past to a more diverse, inclusive, and positive future. Watch it all go down here, after all, it’s growth that’s A Thing Of Beauty.

17 Episodes