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It doesn't get any better than sitting back on a Monday night and just chopping it up with your homies. Join Big John, Lil Al X, Nasty Nate, and Big Jaufee weekly as they give their insight on any and everything involving pop culture. Whether it's music, sports, current events, or just giving insight as fathers, the conversation is guaranteed to be insightful, intriguing, and of course, hilarious! you'll fall in love with the Cloud of Smoke boys as they give you an awesome mix of personalities guaranteed to leave you wanting more! Tune in and see for yourself!

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  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    Free the Guys!


    The Cloud of Smoke boys are back this week and with Halloween right around the corner, we want to know who holds the title for the GOAT candy bar? Get settled in as we discuss loving the man, and hating the sin. How do you support your guy when your homie is wildin out? We also pose the questions, how far is too far with words and who is the actual voice of the voiceless? Find out and share you thoughts as the guys deep dive while still bringing the laughs! Another one you don't want to miss! Buckle up!
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    Boom Boom in the Room!


    The Cloud of Smoke Boys are back again this week and have invited friend of the show and long time listener, Nico "Boom Boom" Jefferson to join the conversation and talk upcoming MMA fight on October 16th and his increasingly growing and popular YouTube Channel " History with No Chaser". Tune in and get to know more about Nico and share some laughs with the guys! You don't want to miss this one!Link to purchase PPV fight or in person tickets - https://www.cagedaggression.tv/(select Nico Jefferson for the fighter)Link for history YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/HistoryWithNoChaser
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

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  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    Loose Booty Action


    Join the Cloud of Smoke boys as we talk about R. Kelly singing a different tune, Updates on the NFL, Lil Boosie and his "Struggle", Top 5 tv shows, Sitcom nostalgia and last but not least having "the talk" with your teens. Another episode full of laughs and great conversation. Press play and join in on the convo!
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    *Bonus Episode* A Cloud of Smoke Producer Verzuz battle!


    The gang is back with a bonus episode midweek! The Cloud of Smoke boys got together to find out which super producer would win in an epic verzuz of music industry titans. Who will win? Check out the episode to find out!
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    Are you READYYYY? Verzuz talk


    The Cloud of Smoke boys are back for this week's episode and we're talking Fat Joe and Ja Rule Verzuz battle, JD vs Diddy in a battle of producer titans, what's the final thoughts on DONDA and CLB, and much more! Tune in
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    NFL is Back!


    The Cloud of Smoke gang of Big John, Big Nate, Freaky Al, and Jaufee are back for episode 3 of season 2 and we're talking NFL week 1, Matrix 4 and Candyman, copycat musicians, and more! Tune in to another great episode! * we do not own the rights to the music being played*
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    DONDA Vs Bishop Sycamore


    Jaufee joins the Cloud of Smoke Crew of Big John, Freaky Al, and Big Nate as we talk Bishop Sycamore football, Kanye's new release DONDA , Drake beef, Hip hop hierarchy , and of course football! You don't want to miss this one!
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    SZN2 a cloud of smoke...


    The conversations are always lit! The crew is back and gearing up for season 2! Listen in as we discuss what's got our attention as we discuss sports, music, and culture.
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    2021 Mock Draft Special (Tell Em Bye)


    Tune in to see how the crew projects the 1st round of the 2021 NFL Draft to playout. We have a special guest Big Homie GooWhop https://twitch.tv/big_homie_goowhop locked in and participating in the draft. We also discuss the Best left on the board in the 2nd round and project the biggest busts from this class.
  • A Cloud of Smoke podcast

    The Deshaun Watson Conversation


    This Episode was recorded on 4/15/2021 at 11:30pm CST. Everyone on the 3 yards and a cloud of smoke podcast take these allegations against Mr. Watson seriously. Our opinions are our own and do not reflect the opinions of the platforms that stream our show.

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