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    The O.J. Simpson Trial: My Fair Paula


    This week we talk about the early days of Paula and O.J.’s relationship and the celebrity cameos reach either a high or a low point. Digressions include date etiquette,  cat scams and room-temperature Diet Coke. Mike has his head in his hands for long periods. In this episode we discuss domestic abuse, including the violence Nicole Brown Simpson experienced and the circumstances of her 911 calls.Support us: the show (
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    The O.J. Simpson Trial: Paula Escapes From L.A.


    This week we return to the  O.J. Simpson trial and learn what Paula Barbieri did after the Bronco chase. Digressions include fish, beef and grocery shopping while conventionally attractive. Neither co-host has a firm grasp on the meaning of the word "festive."Links!Paula on "Primetime Live" The Time cover Support us: the show (
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    The Stanford Prison Experiment


    Mike tells Sarah the complicated story of an over-simplified study. Digressions include Tonya Harding, "The Meg" and Kitty Genovese. The Milgram obedience studies and the "broken windows" theory of policing receive bonus debunkings. Thanks to Thibault Le Texier for helping us with this episode! Here's his book, "The History of a Lie," and the English-language summary, "Debunking the Stanford Prison Experiment."Support us:! The Original StudyPhilip Zimbardo's "The Lucifer Effect"Zimbardo's 1973 NYT articleDavid Jaffee’s precursor study at Toyon HallBen Blum's "The Lifespan of a Lie"The Stanford prison experiment in introductory psychology textbooks: A content analysisThe Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison ExperimentRevisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment: Could Participant Self-Selection Have Led to the Cruelty?Interpersonal Dynamics in a Simulated Prison: A Methodological AnalysisThe Obedience Alibi: Milgram's Account of the Holocaust Reconsidered Obedience in Perspective: Psychology and the HolocaustUnchaining the Stanford Prison Experiment: Philip Zimbardo’s famous study falls under scrutinyThe Secrets of Abu Ghraib Revealed: American Soldiers on TrialSupport the show (
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    Losing Relatives to Fox News


    Mike tells Sarah what makes older Americans more vulnerable to misinformation — and who is delivering it to them. Digressions include "Supernatural," the Rachel and a fake university in Pennsylvania. We recorded this episode before the election but tried not to make it too obvious.Here's the article Mike wrote with all the research he did for this episode: us: the show (
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    The Newsboys' Strike of 1899 (Part 2)


    Sarah tells Mike about the thrilling conclusion to a children’s labor action and an overlooked Disney musical. Digressions include cronuts, carrier pigeons and Sylvester Graham’s crackers.  Both hosts agree that they love saying the word "papes."Most of the information in this episode comes from Sarah's two new favorite books, Vincent DiGirolamo’s “Crying the News” and David Nasaw’s “Children of the City.” And here's the link to the newsboy footage we watched: us: the show (
  • You're Wrong About

    The Newsboys' Strike of 1899 (Part 1)


    Sarah tells Mike about media history, labor organizing, century-old moral panics — and the unlikely Disney musical that introduced her to all three. Digressions include Sting, "The Princess Bride" and 19th century graphic design. Both co-hosts recount their extremely millennial work histories.Support us: the show (
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    Bonus: The "Twinkie Defense"


    Was Harvey Milk's killer really given a light sentence after claiming that junk food made him do it? Mike's spinoff podcast, Maintenance Phase, dives into the rumor and finds a very You're Wrong About twist. Subscribe to Maintenance Phase here: the show (
  • You're Wrong About

    The Electoral College


    Topical episode! Special guest Jamelle Bouie tells Sarah and Mike about his problematic Founding Father faves and the bewildering institution they handed down to us. Digressions include '70s lapels, "Reversal of Fortune" and the Eurovision Song Contest. The filibuster rule and the three-fifths compromise receive bonus debunkings. Support us: the show (
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    Princess Diana Part 5: The Crash


    “You can be a hot mess express and still leave the world better than you found it.” In the final episode of our series, we talk about Diana’s untimely death and the everlasting conspiracy theories surrounding it. Digressions include RPGs, Madonna and Tickle Me Elmo. This episode contains spoilers for the movie “The Queen.” Here's the photos and clips we talked about in this episode: us: the show (
  • You're Wrong About

    Princess Diana Part 4: The Divorce


    This week, Diana leaves the royal family with her reputation intact and her title slightly edited. Digressions include "Love Actually," "Pride and Prejudice" and Marie Antoinette. Both co-hosts reveal their staunch affirmative stance on wine moms. Unfortunately, this episode includes descriptions of self-harm. Here's the photos and clips we talked about in this episode: us:  Support the show (

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