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Banned from Google with Alex Marlow, Editor-In-Chief of Breitbart

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Charlie is joined by Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, to discuss the blatant tech censorship of conservatives outlets on Google, Twitter, and Facebook. The pair also discuss the state of the 2020 race and the censorial role Big Tech gatekeepers will likely play in determining the outcome.

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    Two Persecuted Pastors with Jack Hibbs and Rob McCoy


    Charlie sits down with two courageous and persecuted pastors whose churches have defied popular culture, Democrat governor arbitrary edicts, and cut against even the Christian Church grain to remain fully open and operational during the Chinese coronavirus. The three take stock of the current state of the church that so often refuses to engage in politics, and boldly call upon the body of Christ to fight back and remain open to a world in desperate need.
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    Trump, Titus, Hebron and Jerusalem w/ Josh Reinstein


    Josh Reinstein of the Israeli Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, who is also author of “Titus, Trumps and the Triumph of Israel” joins Charlie to explore how Donald Trump is the most pro-Israel president of all time and why its Christians who will maintain and save our alliance with the country. Rather than continue the anti-Semitic policies of the E.U. and the U.N., Trump has bucked international norms and delivered to the Jewish people some of the hardest-to-accomplish policies ever considered by a U.S. President.
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    One Man’s Heroic Fight Against Tyranny w/ Atilis Gym Owner Ian Smith


    Atilis Gym owner, Ian Smith sits down with Charlie to discuss he and his partner Frank Trumbetti’s heroic fight against New Jersey’s tyrannical Governor Phil Murphy, who is on a crusade to shut down the small, independent gym despite nearby strip clubs and pot dispensaries remaining open as “essential” businesses. Their battle with New Jersey has become a national news story embodying the struggle of all patriotic Americans’ who believe it’s time to fight back against naked government tyranny across the nation.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    The Rise of the Micro Tyrants


    Leftwing government officials and their propaganda activists in the media have drummed up an incessant and hyperbolic flow of coronavirus and 'systemic racism' fear amongst normal, everyday Americans, turning many into micro tyrants who berate and assault those of us who simply disagree with their ideology. In this episode, Charlie examines how we are witnessing the complicity of the masses, asserting that tyranny is a team sport that requires courage from the silent majority to push back and reclaim a sense of national sanity and freedom.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    Crucial Lessons from the 20th Century


    In a live speech from Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park, Calif., Charlie breaks down the modern American political landscape as a battle between reason vs. unreason, truth vs. the opposite of the truth, and the moral good vs. the moral evil. Extrapolating the top lessons contemporary man should have learned from the 20th Century, Charlie deconstructs the systemic assault against those hard-fought lessons and the values they represent, by exposing the “by the book” Marxist tactics of BLM, Antifa, and the revolutionary left.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    Joe Biden Has Officially Lost His Mind


    In one of the most bizarre exchanges yet—which is really saying something—Joe Biden lashes out at a CBS reporter after being asked a legitimate question of whether or not he’s taken a cognitive test. The irrational response (you have to hear to believe) raises honest questions about the former VP’s mental fitness for office. Charlie then breaks down five reasons for optimism in our fight against her Chinese coronavirus as cases drop across the sunbelt.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    Population Collapse - Why Americans Stopped Having Babies


    As America experiences a plummeting birthrate across nearly all demographics and ethnicities, President Trump highlights the growing income disparity between America’s billionaires and costal elites vs. the middle-class. Charlie breaks down how the income disparity came to be, how we can challenge these troubling trends, and how big government combined with leftist policies have contributed to the growing gap.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    Epstein Bombshell and Durham Indictments with Sara Carter


    In this fast moving and wide-ranging interview with renowned investigative reporter and honorary TPUSA board member, Sara Carter, Charlie gets her exclusive take on: The incredible and tragic explosion in downtown Beirut; the coming (hopefully) indictments from Durham’s investigation into the FISA Court abuse scandal; Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest and who will ultimately be implicated; how to make sense of ANTIFA, BLM and the ongoing riots across America; and finally, the continue Chinese Coronavirus lockdowns and how China is still to blame for infecting the world.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    America's Coming Election Day Disaster


    Charlie breaks down why Democrats are pushing universal mail-in voting and why elections day is shaping up to be an absolute disaster for America that will make 2000 Bush vs. Gore look like a walk in the park. He also breaks down Microsoft’s last minute bid to buy TikTok and how new polls are pointing to some very promising trends for President Trump.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    Why Conservatives Must Play Offense for America to Survive


    Charlie speaks with Kelly Shackelford, CEO and Chief Legal Counsel of First Liberty Institute in Plano, Texas to discuss America's raging culture war and why the survival of America is hinging on whether or not decent Americans and conservatives are willing to "play offense" against the moral relativism and the cultural Marxism of the modern American left. First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious liberty for all Americans.

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