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The Charlie Kirk Show


Mobilizing students on 2,000 college and high school campuses across the country, Charlie has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the week and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and Twitter's 5th most engaged personality sits down with some of the biggest newsmakers of our time to talk politics, pop-culture, sports, and a little bit of everything else - all from his signature no holds barred, right-of-center, freedom-loving point of view.

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    Joe and Kamala's Cringeworthy Kickoff


    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were together for the first time in Delaware for their a cringe-worthy spectacle from the same, socially distanced podium. Harris, the most radical-left U.S. Senator in 2019 according to GovTrack, lied about the pandemic, about the economy, and about her record as the two new running mates quickly buried the hatchet to begin gaslighting the American people.
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    Two Brutal News Stories You Probably Didn't Hear About


    Charlie breaks down the division brewing in the country by defining the two Americas that have emerged: unreasonable, cultural arsonists and the reasonable, silent majority. To illustrate the point, he shines a light on two brutal news stories you'll probably never hear about from the mainstream news media.
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    Joe Biden was just informed that his handlers have selected a running mate! We have an exclusive breakdown of some of Kamala Harris's most troubling positions, statements, and hypocrisies that should have disqualified her from consideration. Nevertheless, in a move that surprised even President Trump, Charlie analyzes the fallout and the electoral impact of this confusing VP selection. Charlie also breaks down the move to cancel college football along with some new polling that just came out thatcontinue to break in the president's favor.
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    Terrence K. Williams | From The Foster House To The White House


    Charlie is joined by Terrence K. Williams, social media phenom, political commentator, and one of the funniest people in the country from either side of the political aisle. He's also author of the new book ‘From the Foster House to the White House.’ The two speak on the state of the 2020 race, BLM inc., his support of President Trump, and the true racism of former Vice President Joe Biden.
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    Terror in Chicago


    Charlie reacts to the violence and anarchy raging in the streets of Chicago following false reports of police wrongdoing. Charlie breaks down the reactions of Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown and Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and makes the case for why the spiking crime wave is part of a widespread domestic urban terror movement in America's big cities, enabled and fueled by soft-on-crime, Democrat policies.
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    You Are Not Enough (And That's Okay) w/ Allie Beth Stuckey


    Podcaster, author, chairwoman of TPUSA's Young Women's Leadership Summit, and one of the most important Christian voices in America today, Allie Beth Stuckey sits down with Charlie to discuss her new book, "You Are Not Enough (And That's Okay). This is mandatory reading for all of us who have bought in to the self-help, pop culture myth that you have what it takes inside of you, to "fix you." Challenging young women and men to reconsider assumptions fed to us from a young age, Allie breaks down what changed her life from one of self-centeredness to one of joy, purpose and faith.
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    Banned from Fordham University, Austin Tong Fights Back


    After posting a picture holding a legally owned firearm to commemorate the 31st anniversary of Tiananmen Square, Fordham University proceeded to harass and eventually ban senior and Chinese immigrant, Austin Tong from campus, all for merely exercising his First Amendment right. This is his heroic story of fighting back against a very CCP-style tyranny present on American shores.
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    Ask Charlie Anything 29: Ten Things You Didn't Know About Charlie, How to Expand the Overton Window, and Debunking the Tom Cotton Controversy


    In another edition of Monday's 'Ask Charlie Anything,' Charlie answers the questions listeners send to him at, including: "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Is America an inherently racist country and did we 'create' slavery?" And finally, Charlie responds to a Bernie and AOC-supporting Democrat who accepts his challenge to bring leftwing views to The Charlie Kirk Show. For an opportunity to win a signed copy of "The New York Times" bestseller "The MAGA Doctrine" be sure to submit your questions for next week's Ask Charlie Anything to
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    Two Persecuted Pastors with Jack Hibbs and Rob McCoy


    Charlie sits down with two courageous and persecuted pastors whose churches have defied popular culture, Democrat governor arbitrary edicts, and cut against even the Christian Church grain to remain fully open and operational during the Chinese coronavirus. The three take stock of the current state of the church that so often refuses to engage in politics, and boldly call upon the body of Christ to fight back and remain open to a world in desperate need.
  • The Charlie Kirk Show

    Trump, Titus, Hebron and Jerusalem w/ Josh Reinstein


    Josh Reinstein of the Israeli Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, who is also author of “Titus, Trumps and the Triumph of Israel” joins Charlie to explore how Donald Trump is the most pro-Israel president of all time and why its Christians who will maintain and save our alliance with the country. Rather than continue the anti-Semitic policies of the E.U. and the U.N., Trump has bucked international norms and delivered to the Jewish people some of the hardest-to-accomplish policies ever considered by a U.S. President.

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