Say Yas to the Guest

Say Yas to the Guest

Dear Media, Patrick Starrr

Beauty and YouTube superstar, Patrick Starrr, and friends chat about how they met, how they got success and how they overcame the status quo. Some serious tea will be spilled in this fun, inspiring, colorful podcast. Guests vary from the top business CEOS to up and coming beauty gurus just stepping into the world of beauty. By the end of each episode you will be saying YAS to the guest.

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  • Say Yas to the Guest



    We got the baddie of all bad bitches, Jen_ny69 on the podcast today! Jenny is a day one and it has been so amazing to see her grow. She is not just a beauty influencer, but also a wife, a mother and beauty business owner. We discuss everything from our first time in LA together, running a business with her husband and opening up about being a parent of a child with autism. She is so inspiring and an all around boss ass bitch.   Produced by Dear Media. 
  • Say Yas to the Guest

    Nikita Dragun


    Nikita Dragun and I have been friends since Nikita landed in Los Angeles. She is one of the fiercest baddies on the internet and is known for her iconic pussystunts. She is also known for getting into trouble. I chat with her today on her success as a business woman and how she has gotten out of scandals with her chin up high. Strap on your wigs tight, this is a good one.   Produced by Dear Media. 
  • Say Yas to the Guest

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  • Say Yas to the Guest

    Patrick Ta


    Beauty mogul, celebrity makeup artist and my friend, Patrick Ta, has painted some of the most influential faces in Hollywood. He is known for his sexy glowy look and now has his own brand in Sephora called Patrick Ta Beauty. If you ever wanted to know the struggles of making it in the beauty world, this episode is for you.   Produced by Dear Media. 
  • Say Yas to the Guest

    Adam Ray Okay


    Hey, dude, come here! Tik Tok super star, Adam Ray Okay also known as Rosa joins me today to talk about his new found fame. We chat about life before Tik Tok, surgeries he has gotten and what he looks for in a lover. Join me as we get to know the real man behind his alter ego, Rosa.   Produced by Dear Media. 
  • Say Yas to the Guest

    Manny Mua


    Welcome to the first episode of Say Yas to the Guest! We are coming in hot and starting off this podcast with someone I started my beauty career with, Manny Mua. Manny and I have shared some really amazing experiences together coming up as men in makeup, but as some of you know, it wasn’t always glitz and glam. I wanted to bring him on to discuss our past, talk about his come up and open up about where we stand now. This one is juicy, so get ready to say YAS!   Produced by Dear Media. 
  • Say Yas to the Guest

    Jackie Aina


    On today's episode I am joined by the beauty queen herself, Jackie Aina! She is one of the fiercest faces in the beauty community and I wanted to get the scoop on how she balances work and play. Apart from being a trailblazer for men and women of color in the land of social media, we discuss everything from her success, managing a team and of course her love life. I hope you love this episode as much as I do! YAS!   Produced by Dear Media. 
  • Say Yas to the Guest

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