Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

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For the past 6 years, someone — or some group — has been terrorizing a certain class of Hollywood workers. Strivers — day players and physical trainers and make-up artists and security guards — receive a phone call or email offering the job of a lifetime. A key role on a major film, or TV show. This offer comes from a powerful woman — one of the biggest producers or studio executives in the industry. All these strivers have to do is get on a plane, for Jakarta, immediately. But when they land, there is no producer. There is no movie. It’s all a fraud. This is the incredible true story of one the longest and strangest cons in history. Tag along as two long-time journalists untangle the story of the Hollywood Con Queen scam, and embark upon an obsessive quest to figure out who’s behind it.

14 Episodes

  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 10.5: Epilogue


    An update on the arrest, plus two voices from Gobind's distant past speak up to help us understand this mysterious man.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 10: Curtain Call


    Friends, classmates, even prison officials help us assemble a story of the Con Queen suspect that goes all the way back to his childhood. Chameleon has been a production of Campside Media Chameleon was developed, created, and written by Josh Dean and Vanessa Grigoriadis. The Executive Producer is Mark McAdam. The Associate Producer is Abukar Adan. Fact checking by Callie Hitchcock Editorial support by Doug Slawin, Natalia Winkelman, Rod Sherwood, and Ashleyanne Krigbaum. Our technical consultant and disinfo specialist is Ben Decker, of Memetica. Our theme song is “Bad Checks” by Houses. Sound design and additional music by Mark McAdam. Our Consulting Producers are Andy Horwitz at Atlas Entertainment and Charles Mastropietro, at Circle of Confusion The Executive Producers at Campside Media are Josh Dean, Vanessa Grigoriadis, Adam Hoff, and Matt Shaer.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

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  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 9.5: The Psychology of the Scam


    What makes con artists tick. In this special episode, we speak with author/journalist Maria Konnikova and psychoanalyst Alexander Stein.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 9: Inside the Walls


    At long last, the team penetrates the scammer's inner circle — and zeroes in on the Con Queen's identity.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 8: Hunting the Hunter


    The hunt for the scammer continues, and frustration is at an all-time-high -- until our team gets the big break it's been looking for.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 7: Ghosted


    With no sign of the case being resolved, and the Con Queen very much still racking up victims, the team decides to go hunting for this elusive scammer.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 6: Day Player


    Just when you thought the Con Queen scam couldn't get any more mind-boggling, a new twist emerges — one that makes the depravity of this scammer abundantly clear.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

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  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 5: Turning the Tables


    The scam has a whole other set of victims — the female producers and studio execs who had their names and reputations damaged by the Con Queen. Josh goes to visit Deb Snyder, one of the biggest film producers in Hollywood, and finds that she has some very interesting things to share about our scammer.
  • Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

    Chapter 4: Cat and Mouse


    Nicole, the private investigator, joins us inside the rabbit hole, and begins to chip away at some of the scammer's defenses. That work also uncovers one incredible secret.

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