Where I'm From podcast

Where I'm From

Sam Baker

The podcast that explores the places that shape us. Each week we briefly speak to someone who has traveled to a place followed by a more in-depth conversation with someone who grew up in that place to contrast the outsider's impressions with the insider's memories and experiences.

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  • Where I'm From podcast



    It's not every day you get to hear what life is like in one of the most iconic countries in the world. For our sixth and final episode of this first season of Where I'm From, we speak to aspiring Russian journalist, Olga Temryukova about growing up in St Petersburg in Russia.
  • Where I'm From podcast
  • Where I'm From podcast

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  • Where I'm From podcast



    Places are always more complex than they seem from the outside. We get a taste of that this week, as Robbie Harb gives us some insight into real life in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia.
  • Where I'm From podcast



    In this episode, we explore the vast country of Canada and the diverse metropolous of Toronto with Victoria Belton.
  • Where I'm From podcast



    In this episode, Monika Cvorak takes us with her to her hometown of Vrhnika in the beautiful country of Slovenia.
  • Where I'm From podcast



    Where I'm From is the podcast that explores the places that shape us. Each episode gets the inside track on a new place, first from someone who has visited as a tourist and then from someone who calls that place home.In the first episode, Sam Baker speaks with Lindsay Riley about her experiences growing up on the tropical island of Aruba.

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