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Tom Nolan, CEO of Kendra Scott – Bling it On: Building a Values-Driven Jewelry Empire

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In business, you have to want to win. But in addition to that, simple, honest values go an incredibly long way. Today's guest leads a company that is powered by that philosophy.

On this episode we get to sit down with Tom Nolan, CEO of the jewelry and accessories brand, Kendra Scott. Tom leads the billion dollar business by balancing day-to-day functions and strategy with the integration of the brand's core pillars of family, fashion and philanthropy into every consumer touch-point. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors, Tom oversees the brand's substantial omnichannel growth, global expansion and evolving retail model. 

Tom has more than two decades of experience in brand building, management and results-driven strategic planning from a diverse range of companies, including Ralph Lauren, Conde Nast, and his own entrepreneurial endeavor, Prospect Brands. We had a great conversation about the company's humble beginnings and how far they've come.


  • The origin story of the company (2:58)
  • Tom's background and career trajectory (4:02)
  • The appeal of the Kendra Scott story and her as a leader (8:33)
  • Tom outlines the company's brand values (10:43)
  • Why Tom made the decision to join the company/the importance of philanthropy (14:36)
  • The various tipping points in the company's growth (16:52)
  • The importance of their relationship with Berkshire (19:29)
  • Tom discusses Kendra Scott's creative approach to marketing (20:28)
  • The Kendra Scott Foundation (22:50)
  • The men's line (23:40)
  • Tom talks about his leadership philosophy and the closeness with his team members (25:36)
  • The company's vision for the next 5 to 10 years (27:08)


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