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John DiLullo, CEO of LiveVox – Dialing Up Efficiency: Transforming call center communications with cloud-based tech

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The success of a company can hinge on clear and accessible communication with customers. Today's guest is leveraging tech to marry communication quality with the ultimate efficiency.

This week, we're sitting down with John DiLullo. John is the CEO of Live Vox, which is transforming call centre communications with cloud technology. LiveVox trades under the symbol LVOX.  John is a growth oriented industry veteran with a track record spanning more than 30 years in networking, telecom application delivery and cybersecurity, including 10 years experience in multi-channel contact center and enterprise voice communications.

Most recently, John was the Chief Revenue Officer at Force Point where he drove the company's worldwide revenue operations, sales, marketing, and business development efforts. Prior to Force Point, John served as the CEO of Last Line Security, a fast-growing AI-based network, threat detection company that was acquired by VMware in 2020. John holds two US patents and is a former Stanford University fellow. 

John and I had a great conversation about LiveVox's state-of-the art cloud data platform, hybrid and remote working, and the future of AI. 


  • John describes his career path leading up to LiveVox (2:51)
  • How the software works, and customer service (4:18)
  • LiveVox's customers (5:59)
  • How the software improves an agent's service quality (7:29)
  • LiveVox's unique cloud-based architecture (8:48)
  • Implementing the software, and transforming old systems (11:10)
  • Employee retention rate and managing enterprise risk (15:10)
  • Catering to customer experience (17:12)
  • The future of customer service and how LiveVox will respond (19:06)
  • How LiveVox uses and creates AI solutions (21:30)
  • LiveVox's projection and growth goals (24:28)
  • What investors miss about the company (26:06)


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