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Gregg Nabhan, Chairman of America's Equity Capital Markets for Bank of America – Staying Afloat in the Economic Current: Navigating the post-COVID economy with financial foresight

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In the developing post-pandemic landscape, the discussion of a possible recession has been the latest ongoing hot topic, leaving businesses in a difficult position for decision-making. Today’s guest is sharing his expansive career knowledge to inform businesses about the reality of the current market. 

We're sitting down with my only two-time guest, Gregg Nabhan. If you tuned in to the first episode with Gregg, you'll remember that he's Chairman of America's Equity Capital Markets for Bank of America, as well as Managing Director of the Consumer and Retail Team.

Gregg is responsible for the origination, IPO valuation, structuring, book-building, price discovery, allocation trading, and aftermarket performance of the equity transactions. He has 35-plus years of experience on Wall Street, and during the last 20 of those years, Gregg has led over 400 transactions raising over 265 billion dollars for companies around the world including 115 IPOs.

Prior to joining B of A in June of 2008, Gregg worked at Morgan Stanley for 13 years where he was an MD in their equity capital markets group. On this week's episode, we talked about the reality of the current economic market. 


  • A brief overview of the current economic market (2:44)
  • How Gregg sees the current economic landscape, and its rate of potential risk (3:40)
  • Gregg breaks down how to understand the perspective of market fluctuation and trends (5:02)
  • Current events affecting the economy, and economist predictions (7:16)
  • Understanding the context of the current IPO market (8:38)
  • Areas of focus for management teams maneuvering the economic climate (10:24)
  • Industries of focus for investors looking to put their money to work (12:42)
  • Analyzing past IPO market trends and predicting the potential future of the space (13:53)
  • What made an investment like Kenvue so successful for investors? (15:37)
  • Insight on dividends and buybacks (17:55)
  • Techniques that issuers are using to navigate the current market (18:55)
  • Adjusting focus from daily changes to long-term planning (21:55)
  • Gregg's biggest piece of advice to listeners and investors (23:34)


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