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Top Tips for Anxiety - Harness Your Built-In Coping Capacity

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Happy, healthy, well rested and full of that calm satisfaction with an broad smile that comes easily with your balanced life, free from excess or chronic stress?  Okay this episode isn't for you.  But for the rest of us...


Anxiety is a tricky topic - having swung from being under-medicalised and under-diagnosed to hyper-medicalised and over-diagnosed, with the many pharmaceutical options from benzodiazepines to SSRI's - the list  of prescription options gets longer by the day.  Each of us has our own unique nervous system that experiences the world through our own lens.  Informed by the many traumatic human events our life entails, over time our body's natural defences can become worn down.   The first step tends to rely on unhelpful substances, and the next steps tend to involve a doctor's surgery.  And that might be necessary...


BUT - what if we took our anxious states and tried some of our OWN tools out first, BEFORE jumping into the land of prescriptions without end...because that's often what they are.  Develop your coping resources and build your resilience to anxiety with just a few of our top tips for dealing with anxiety


The information in this podcast is not intended to treat or diagnose medical maladies.  Our show is for research and entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your health, so go be your best researcher and become an advocate for your health - cos nobody else will if you don't. Consult a physician if you are suffering from any health conditions first. If you want a piece of healing therapy in your own home you can use our discount code for Clearlight Saunas - the low EMF infrared option - WELLNESS75 will get you 5% off their NEW portable units at www.auroraredlight.eu or go get yourself a full size, immersive sauna from www.clearlightsaunas.eu and save yourself €100!!!


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