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Pat Kane - What’s in Your Basket

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She's a maven of all things mended, borrowed and refilled, a warrior in the war against the single use water bottle, and she's clearly speaking from the heart. Pat Kane is a lady on the move. Since her founding of Reuzi in 2018, Pat has been on a serious mission to make us all reconsider our waste and reduce our planetary impact. So it was a delight to walk with her through the aisles of the Hopsack and talk through the fundamentals of sustainable shopping, and running a sustainble business - then we decamped to our bat cave to highlight some of her top picks for health, for home and we found just how broad this topic of ecologocial awareness really is, how it touches every aspect of our lives and how we can shift our attitude to become empowered consumers, to bring about the change we want to see in the world every time we open our wallet.

The information in this podcast is not intended to treat or diagnose medical maladies.  Our show is for research and entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your health, so go be your best researcher and become an advocate for your health - cos nobody else will if you don't. Consult a physician if you are suffering from any health conditions first. If you want a piece of healing therapy in your own home you can use our discount code for Clearlight Saunas - the low EMF infrared option - WELLNESS75 will get you 5% off their NEW portable units at www.auroraredlight.eu or go get yourself a full size, immersive sauna from www.clearlightsaunas.eu and save yourself €100!!!


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