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Gas, Glass and Grub

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There's a warning from the food and drink industry that food prices are on the rise. Plus the glass industry explains why it can't just power down its furnaces as energy prices rise. Felicity hears how bookings are rising as the travel red list is shrinking. And why are so many working mums worried about their promotion prospects? #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah

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  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    A Twix, a Can of Sprite and a Big Red Box


    Can Rishi Sunak balance the books amid soaring living costs, shortages on supermarket shelves and a health emergency that has cost us a lot?
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Half Term Hopes


    Felicity Hannah talks to a cafe owner in the Scottish highlands about how half term is the last big chance of the season. She hears from a panel of young entrepreneurs about what they want to see from Rishi Sunak's budget next week. And after a disappointing August, did retail pick up last month? With Felicity Hannah Join in the conversation on social media: #WakeUpToMoney
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

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  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Plan B, or not Plan B?


    Felicity Hannah asks, as Covid cases surge again are businesses rethinking its return to the workplace? She also takes a look at why inflation unexpectedly fell and the ongoing impact of port delays. Elsewhere we discuss a huge tax avoidance scandal, the UK's trade deal with New Zealand and hear from the boss of Scottish Power.
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Zeroing in


    After more green announcements, we ask whether the Government can hit its net-zero targets. And ahead of inflation figures later, we ask what price increases businesses are seeing. Elsewhere, we take a look at one supermarket's plans to recruit 15,000 seasonal staff, why competition watchdogs are delving into the music streaming sector and why a brewer and a milk substitute maker have been told off by the Advertising Standards Agency.
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Pump it up


    The Government unveils its plans to make households greener by ditching gas boilers for heat pumps - but will the strategy take off? Elsewhere Felicity Hannah asks whether the Leeds arm of HS2 could be axed, and who the big names are at London's Global Investment Summit. She also takes a look at why Tesco is going till-less and why The HUT Group boss is getting risd of his "golden share".
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Supply squeeze


    As the supply squeeze tightens its grip, we ask just how bad is the situation globally? Katie Prescott also has the latest as Covid passports come into force in Scotland and why Ford is set to invest millions in its Halewood plant.
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Pigs, Planes and Pumpkins


    Most fully vaccinated travellers will be able to take cheaper lateral flow tests on returning to England from holiday, rather than the more expensive PCR tests. What does it mean for the travel industry? Plus more foreign workers will be allowed in to do the jobs in abbatoirs that British workers are not filling right now. And have you been spending more on the kids this halloween? Felicity asks if, after such a rough 18 months, we're just wanting to spend more on the things we missed out on. #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Supply and Demand


    Just 73 days until Christmas, and already businesses are warning of creaking supply chains, Felicity Hannah catches up with former Debenhams and Barclays boss Sir Ian Cheshire to discuss the issue. She also has the latest from Northern Ireland on EU moves to ease border frictions, and speaks to the woman who runs the Green Man Festival about an emotional return to live events.
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Ports in a storm


    Felicity Hannah looks at the impact of driver shortages on the UK's biggest port, and considers what's next for the Northern Ireland Protocol. Plus, William Shatner's not the only one with the stars in his eyes. We'll find out about the plan to launch satellites from Cornwall.
  • Wake Up to Money podcast

    Much Ado About Energy


    Felicity discusses the suggestion that the government could step in to offer loans to businesses which are heavy energy users, to help ease the gas crisis. Why are black and ethnic minority workers still struggling in many cases to get ahead in their careers? And the Mop Fair, which has been recruiting people to local jobs since medieval times returns to Stratford. #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity Hannah

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