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Episode 150: Square Enix Says No Flippin’ Thanks to its Web3 CEO (News Show)

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Square Enix is having a time of it, as its Web3-loving CEO is leaving and Luminous Productions is no more. Also: Ubisoft and Activision messing up labor issues again, and the US is investigating extremism in online games. Also, Manda is going to talk to you about The Lord of the Rings, and Mike will do his best Gollum impression. Maybe.

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  • [00:01:04] - Square Enix Needs to Sort Itself Out
  • [00:05:41] - The US Government Wants to Know About Extremism in Online Games
  • [00:09:21] - Epic Lays Out Its Plans for the Future of Epic Games Store
  • [00:13:29] - Investment Interlude
  • [00:17:04] - Quick Hits
  • [00:33:06] - Labor Report
  • [00:42:54] - FAFO!



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