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The Whole Marketer podcast

Abigail Dixon

Welcome to The Whole Marketer podcast. Our host Abigail Dixon, Founder and Director of Labyrinth Marketing, is here to support and empower the Marketers behind the brands and businesses, step change your growth. In each podcast, she along with her subject matter expert guest, will discuss a key skill; technical, soft and personal development and understanding needed to grow, you, the marketer for today's challenging yet fulfilling profession.

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  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 49 - Consumer centricity with guest Nick Rabin


    Episode #49. This episode is a technical skill on consumer-centric marketing. Consumers now hold more power; the increase in choice and advancements in technology and logistics means that they can access products and services from almost anywhere. Businesses thriving today are investing in truly understanding their consumer at a deep-rooted emotional level and putting the needs of their consumers first. Joining Abby is Nick Rabin ex-client side marketer turned consultant and the newest affiliate consultant to join the Labyrinth Marketing team. During this episode Nick shares how to be a consumer centric organisation (the 4Cs), understanding your consumers beyond the usual demographics and the dangers of assumptions vs facts.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 48 - Clarity with guest Ross Farquhar


    Episode #48. Clarity is the topic of this episode, which is both a technical skill and area of personal understanding for marketers. Clarity is beneficial for personal and professional development – as a marketer to have clarity on strategic choices and where you want to take your brand, as a leader to give clarity to your team with communication and expectations, and as an individual, to have clarity on your values, strengths and what we bring to the world. Abby’s guest expert is Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director of Little Moons, recently awarded one of the top 100 marketers in Marketing Week. In this episode, Ross shares the importance of clarity and how to apply it within your marketing role, whatever level of seniority. Plus his career journey and how his breadth of roles (ranging from Cadbury, Wagamama and agency-side) have benefitted his career yet strengthened fundamental and transferrable marketing skills such as clarity.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

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  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 47 - Evolution of marketer's competencies with guest Russell Parsons


    Episode #47. This episode is about the evolution of the marketer’s role and competencies; reflecting on the changes in the marketing profession, evolution of skills and key developments that have shaped the industry. Joining Abby is Russell Parsons, Editor in Chief for Marketing Week and Festival of Marketing. Having worked at Marketing Week - a leading publication in our industry - for over a decade, Russell is well placed to share his observations of our industry changes. In this episode, Russell shares how marketers are expected to know more today, doing more with less budget, the rise of the conscious consumer and the watchout of short-term efficiency vs long-term effectiveness.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 46 - Purpose-led Marketing with guest Anna Mullenneaux


    Episode #46. The topic in this episode is purpose-led marketing. Many passionate marketers are becoming more aware of how their skills can be used to benefit and impact society as a whole, beyond profits. Abby’s guest expert is Anna Mullenneaux, co-founder of two amazing purpose-led platforms: Pimp My Cause is a service that matches smaller charities with little marketing resource to experienced marketing volunteers. More recently Anna created the Marketing Kind, a membership community focused on helping marketers use their skills to create change for good. In this episode Anna talks about the rise of purpose-led marketing, how Pimp My Cause and Marketing Kind started and how rewarding it can be to get involved – the chance to give back, be creative, learn new skills and support a cause you’re passionate about. For more information see:
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 45 - Leadership and Impact through Self-Awareness with guest Sara Tate


    Episode #45. NEW Series 3 – Leadership with impact through self-awareness is the topic in this episode – how great leadership that leads and inspires starts with knowing yourself, what you’re like to be around and how others experience you. Joining Abby is Sara Tate, recent CEO of Top 10 advertising giant TBWA London, multi-award-winning both as an agency and leader. Sara is passionate about culture and organisational change and the co-host of self development podcast the Rebuilders. In this episode Sara shares her definition of leadership and the importance of self-awareness (not only for your own leadership style but also bridging gaps between your intent vs the impact it has on others around you). Plus why 360 reviews and personality tools can be useful to start conversations about self-awareness amongst your team.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 44 - Marketing Leadership with guest Sophie Devonshire


    Episode #44. Series 2 finale – Marketing Leadership and the skills & traits of great marketing leaders are the focus of this episode. Joining Abby is Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Marketing Society. As a marketer, entrepreneur, best-selling author of Superfast – Lead at Speed, award-winning consultant and now leader of the world-renowned marketing network and community, Sophie has valuable insight on skills and mindset of successful marketing leaders. In this episode, Sophie discusses the role of marketing leaders as connectors and change makers, why the best leaders invest time to understand themselves, leading with velocity and the power of being in a marketing community. Series 3 will be back later in the year, in the meantime please visit for free resources, training programmes, coaching, mentoring and the Whole Marketer community. Plus, The Whole Marketer book is now available in all good online and in-store book retailers.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 43 - Challenger Brands with guest Lottie Unwin


    Episode #43. Challenger brands is the topic in this episode: exploring differences in marketers’ technical and soft skills needed vs established brands. Challengers are brands that enter a category but push against an existing concept or competitor to address pain & gain points of the consumer. Abby’s guest is Lottie Unwin, ex P&G, ex-Head of Marketing at Propercorn and now Founder of the Copy Club marketing community - supporting over 3000 (and growing) marketers who are under pressure delivering entrepreneurial marketing in fast-growing challengers and start-ups. In this episode Lottie shares the difference between a challenger and entrepreneurial brand, the mindset and skills to lead a challenger brand, career high and lows and why challenger and entrepreneurial marketers can benefit from marketing communities.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 42 - Marketer's skills today and tomorrow with guest Joe Glover


    Episode #42. This episode discusses the skills marketers need for today and tomorrow and the value of being in a marketing community for support. Joining Abby is Joe Glover, Founder of the Marketing Meetup – a welcoming community of over 20,000 ‘positively lovely’ marketers coming together to listen, learn, meet, and share knowledge. In this episode Joe shares his views on the role of marketing, and skills & mindset for today’s marketers. Plus how the Marketing Meetup was formed, how it’s changed his life and his career highs and lows.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 41 - Digital Transformation with guest Paul Frampton


    Episode #41. The technical skill in this episode is Digital Transformation. For Marketers, this includes the adoption of technology across all areas of the business which can improve and enhance the products, services and experience to meet the needs of the consumer. Today’s guest expert is Paul Frampton, leading digital and media marketer, President of Control V Exposed and ex Group CEO Havas Media. Talking to Abby, Paul shares leadership advice on navigating change, trends, focussed curiosity and advice from his career highs and lows. Plus why leaders shouldn’t outsource all your understanding of technology to agencies.
  • The Whole Marketer podcast podcast

    Episode 40 - Empowerment with guest Mark Evans


    Episode #40. Empowerment is the personal understanding topic in this episode and an underlining principle of the Whole Marketer approach - to support and empower the marketers behind the brand or business. Abby’s guest is Mark Evans, exec level marketer at Direct Line as well as several non-exec roles and passionate about giving back to the marketing community. In this episode, Mark shares his career journey from student to C-suite and how ‘forced pivots’ through redundancy allowed him time to reflect and build his personal understanding. As a marketing leader, Mark gives advice on empowering others to be the best version of themselves and why marketers should user their curiosity of consumers to apply to their own journey of empowerment.

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