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Ep 39 - Heading: NORTH Q&A | A74, Series Production, and Why Chris Won't Ride In A Helicopter Outside North America | Heading: NORTH Aftershow

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In today's episode we talk about the WHY behind our Heading: NORTH series. We talk about our favourite parts, the hardest parts, and how long we lasted camping on islands. We answer series production questions like how we get our exposure right while changing scenes, how many hours of footage we ended up with, and our most used lens from the trip! We discuss the things we learned from a production standpoint from our last 3 series and how we implemented those changes on this one. Chris answers a number of questions on Helicopters and talks about why he will never rent a helicopter outside of the USA or Canada.


Welcome to a limited series of the podcast called the Aftershow Edition, where we deep dive on behind the scenes of our latest large project on our main channel. Over the next 4 weeks we will be discussing each episode of our home renovation series in detail, and answer some audience questions!

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