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Ep 37 - Lesson Learned…DIY EVERYTHING! | Home Reno Series Aftershow

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We’re breaking down the final episode in part 1 of The Home Reno Series from our main YouTube channel in today's special edition of the podcast! We are talking all things guest bathroom! We spill the juicy drama on the shower glass mess up's that pushed our project past it's deadline by 3 MONTHS!

We talk renovation budget and how we managed to save a few bucks by making a couple of key decisions. Chris shares a story about getting kicked out of a car pool when he was 8 for using the "D word". Becki shares a TMI moment when discussing what to look for when purchasing a toilet.

We also touch on our nightmare Ikea vanity hack, some choices we made that we love and regret, plus Chris breaks down why the Kerdi products are worth the extra money if you are DIYing your bathroom remodel!


Welcome to a limited series of the podcast called the Aftershow Edition, where we deep dive on behind the scenes of our latest large project on our main channel. Over the next 4 weeks we will be discussing each episode of our home renovation series in detail, and answer some audience questions!

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