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Ep 36 - The TV Controversy and Becki's Very Unpopular Opinion

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We’re breaking down Episode 3 of The Home Reno Series on today’s special edition of the podcast. Becki talks about her VERY unpopular opinion about TV size and shares why she would be a TERRIBLE tech YouTuber. Chris chat’s through electrical and when he calls in the pro’s. We discuss features of the room that weren’t included in the episode, our fun discovery with the Phillip’s Hue system (not sponsored), AND we share a few tips about sizing furniture and mixing different kinds of wood!


Welcome to a limited series of the podcast called the Aftershow Edition, where we deep dive on behind the scenes of our latest large project on our main channel. Over the next 4 weeks we will be discussing each episode of our home renovation series in detail, and answer some audience questions!

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