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2394: The Art of Active Listening and Building a Culture of Connectivity

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In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I host Heather Younger, a prominent keynote speaker, author, CEO, and Founder of Employee Fanatix and an all-around amazing human being. At a time when we are hearing about the importance of people in the tech industry and every business, I learned how Heather focuses on empowering leaders to value their people at work. 

Heather shares the significance of active listening, a skill she explores in depth in her recent book and believes is crucial for a robust company culture, especially in today's hybrid work environment. Despite the wealth of communication, we talk about the frequent neglect of effective listening in workplace communication.

Heather shares insightful instances where a lack of customer listening led to unfavorable outcomes, highlighting the need to incorporate all voices in an organization and build a culture fostering connection and belonging. She discusses prevalent workplace myths and misconceptions, stressing the importance of uniting individuals from all tiers to drive superior strategies.

Echoing hope for the future, Heather cites examples of leaders starting to pay attention to inclusivity and implementing broad changes that could benefit their employees and the people they serve.

In conclusion, Heather and Neil discuss her new book, The Art of Active Listening, her Leadership with Heart podcast, and future plans for a workshop and certification program. This episode underscores the power of active listening in enhancing belonging, loyalty, profitability, and innovation, making workplaces more engaging and inclusive for everyone.

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