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2390: NordicNinja - Deep Tech and Sustainable Transformation

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In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I am joining forces with Rainer Sternfeld and Tomosaku Sohara, the powerhouse Managing Partners of NordicNinja. This unique joint venture between Japan and Estonia is at the forefront of cultivating an international, collaborative tech environment, and we can't wait to dig into this fascinating partnership.

Rainer Sternfeld, a seasoned founder turned investor, has spent the last 20 years building tech businesses across continents. As the co-founder of Planet OS, a climate tech company acquired by Intertrust, Rainer has established a solid foothold in the intersection of tech and sustainability. With his extensive experience and unique perspective, he is a crucial link between Japan, Europe, and the U.S., strengthening ties and fostering a harmonious tech ecosystem.

Our second guest, Tomosaku Sohara, brings his profound knowledge in investment and clean technologies to the table. As a former leader of investments at JBIC IG Partners and having financed cleantech and mobility projects across the globe, Tomosaku is deeply embedded in the tech sector, focusing on climatetech, energy, and blockchain applications.

In this conversation, we'll explore the fascinating synergy between Japan and Europe, the unique opportunities and advantages of founder-led venture capital firms, and the imperative digital and sustainable transformations happening in our world today.

The collaboration of Rainer and Tomosaku exemplifies the power of cross-continental teamwork in creating a sustainable future. Through the innovative work of NordicNinja VC, we'll delve into how technology can bridge the gaps between nations and propel us towards a future that is both digitally advanced and ecologically responsible.

So, gear up for this eye-opening episode as we delve into the tech world's cutting-edge innovations and the transformative power of global collaboration. From Japan to Estonia, from AI to climate tech, and everything in between, this is one episode of Tech Talks Daily you won't want to miss!

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