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2317: Adobe Summit - Thriving in Uncertainty: The New Playbook for Leaders

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At the Adobe Summit, I sat down with Joan Smith, Managing Director and leader of Protiviti Digital, to discuss how leaders and marketers can navigate the uncertainties of today's rapidly changing landscape. As the lines between digital and physical continue to blur, businesses are grappling with challenges such as shifting consumer behavior, data privacy regulations, and supply chain interdependence, all while facing a looming economic downturn.

In this enlightening conversation, Joan shares her insights on Meeting customer expectations in an economic downturn by delivering meaningful experiences. We also discuss connecting technology to customer value, focusing on experience rather than process, and orchestrating purposeful interactions for hyper-personalization without being creepy.

We also discuss how businesses can embed agility and automation into operating principles to adapt to a world of constant change in an informative chat on thriving in uncertainty, embracing change, and redefining the playbook for leaders and marketers. 

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