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Ep. 247 - Security Awareness Series - A Day In The Life of a Dark Web Threat Advisor with Mary DAngelo

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Today on the Social-Engineer Podcast: The Security Awareness Series, Chris is joined by Mary D'Angelo. Mary helps clients understand the threats that exist on the dark web and how to use that intelligence to bolster their cybersecurity programs. With a solid foundation from the University of Washington, where she earned her Bachelor's degree, Mary has rapidly ascended as a global leader at SearchLight Cyber. Her expertise, honed over six years, delves deep into understanding the nuances of dark web threat actors and their intelligence.

Mary's and her company’s insights and analyses have been instrumental in shedding light on the shadowy aspects of cyber threats emanating from the dark web. Her work not only aids in neutralizing these threats but also contributes significantly to the broader understanding of cyber security dynamics.

Additionally, Mary’s passion is volunteering her talents into nonprofit organizations. She was a mentor for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Recently, she has devoted her time to a nonprofit called, The Innocent Lives Foundation, which uses Dark Web Threat Intelligence to help law enforcement stop child traffickers. [Feb 19, 2024]


00:00 - Intro

00:41 - Intro Links:

- -

-          Managed Voice Phishing -

-          Managed Email Phishing -

-          Adversarial Simulations -

-          Social-Engineer channel on SLACK -

-          CLUTCH -

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02:56 - Mary D’Angelo Intro

04:12 - What is a Dark Web Threat Intelligence Advisor?

04:36 - One Giant Leap

07:04 - On the Front Lines

11:53 - Deep Web, Dark Web, Clear Web...Oh My!

13:43 - Shifting to the Deep

14:58 - Crime Pays

17:39 - 2024 Forecast

19:00 - Left of Boom

20:53 - All in this Together

21:53 - An Ugly Example

25:19 - Timely

26:30 - Relevant

28:02 - Actionable

29:58 - What's Next?

30:54 - Mentors

-          Siblings

-          Larry Littleton

32:05 - Book Recommendations

-          The Practitioner’s Guide to the Dark Web - Searchlight Cyber

-          The Ride of a Lifetime - Robert Iger

-          Never Split the Difference - Christopher Voss &Tahl Raz

33:33 - Find Mary D'Angelo Online

-          LinkedIn:

33:55 - Wrap Up & Outro



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